Painting druid drums

While some people prefer to keep their druid drum natural, some people like to add something of their own to it. You can do this by painting your own design on the skin of the drum.

What do you need?


-acrylic paint or acrylic markers


-spray varnish

How to paint your drum:

Step 1:

Draw the outlines of the design with pencil. You can also first make a stencil and trace that onto the drum.

Step 2:

Start colouring your design using the acrylic paint and brushes, or the acrylic markers. Use thin layers. It’s better to apply two thin layers than one too thick layer. 

It can be a bit tricky to handle the drum with wet paint on it, as it’s easy to accidentally get paint on your hands or fingers and transfer it to a spot it shouldn’t go. You can alway let each section dry first, before moving on to the next for a clean result.

Step 3:

To protect the paint you can apply a layer of varnish over it. Spray varnish is advised, as this is light and will leave a thin coat. 


You can find our drums here.