Chainmail sizes

Before you buy your chainmail, you should first decide what you’re planning on wearing underneath the chainmail, as this can affect the size you need. Padding or a gambeson will add to your body’s measurements, which needs to be taken into account.

While wearing your chosen underlayers, measure around your chest while you’ve inhaled deeply. 

Also measure your torso length from your shoulder to your hip, or to your knee if you’re planning on buying a longer chainmail. 

Measure your arm length from shoulder to elbow if you want a short sleeve chainmail, or from the shoulder to the wrist if you want a long sleeved chainmail. 

Write down these measurements and compare them to the sizes in the product description. Do keep in mind that you need to be able to move in your chainmail, so you should always add around 15cm extra to your chest circumference. If your size falls in between two sizes it’s probably better to go for the larger size. Wear a belt over the chainmail to distribute the weight more evenly.


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