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Viking and medieval chairs, wooden buckets, boxes, wooden tubs and other furniture for medieval and Viking reenactment and for museums and movies. Free shipping available!

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Wooden bucket, tub or churn for living history, museum or Viking and medieval reenactment

We have wooden items for reenacting the daily life of people in the Viking and medieval Age in an open-air museum such as Dublinia or medieval castles. A wooden bucket and tub can be used to collect water, do laundry, dye clothes with pigment, pick fruit and other crafts. With the churn you can make your own butter.


Medieval and Viking chairs

For Viking or medieval reenactment and for LARP you may want to buy a historical wooden chair. In our shop you will find various wooden chairs from the Middle Ages and Antiquity. These are, for example, folding chairs and chairs of wood and leather.