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Discover our Viking footwear for your Viking costume. Historical and authentic Viking boots and shoes for Vikings Cosplay, reenactment and LARP. Oseberg boots & Viking sandals

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Viking shoes, boots and sandals for sale! Oseberg boots and other historical Viking boots

Our Viking shoes and boots are based on historical finds from Jorvik, Haithabu and Birka. They are made of natural leather and have a hard leather sole. You can add shoe nails to the sole for a better grip on slippery terrains. Viking shoes were often made upside down. As a result, the type of shoe is also called turning shoes. We have many Viking shoes in stock and they are ready for immediate shipment.


Maintenance of Viking shoes

Rub your Viking shoes regularly with leather wax, shoe polish or Ballistol spray. This way they stay flexible and the leather does not dry out. The wax or oil penetrates the leather and forms a natural protection. After use, the shoes should be cleaned of mud.