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Discover our Viking handmade glass, replica glassware from the Viking era. Wine glass, beer glass, Viking glass from Birka & Gotland. Beautiful giftware & home deco

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Viking glass: handmade replica Viking glassware

Our Viking glass is handmade by craftsmen in the Czech Republic, top quality for a low price. You can use the glassware to eat and drink. The glass is not suitable for the dishwasher and should be washed by hand. If you are a fan of the early Middle Ages and series like Last Kingdom and Vikings, it is great to decorate your table with Viking glass. They are also beautiful art objects to decorate your home with.


Glass and wine glasses for Viking reenactment

This glassware is perfect for Anglo-Saxon and Viking reenactment. Here you can find historical early medieval glasses such as the claw cup, Birka glass, grape glass and Gotland glasses. The claw cup is a type of early medieval cup with studs and claw shapes, so that the cup could be held with greasy hands during dinner. Many of the Viking glasses have been found in Viking graves and have therefore remained intact.