Applying Collodion

Collodion is a liquid which tightens the skin when it’s applied. The liquid shrinks when it dries and pulls the skin inwards, which creates the effect of a scar. 

Before applying the Collodion, map out where you want your scar to be. Use a mauve lip liner or eyeliner for a fresh cut. If you want to create an older scar, use a nude or natural colour. 

Use the brush in the jar to apply the Collodion over the liner. The more layers you apply, the deeper the cut or scar is going to look. 

When you are satisfied with the effect, give the Collodion a light dusting with face powder to eliminate any unwanted shine. 

Collodion can be removed with a special Collodion remover or with Spirit Gum remover. This product dries out the skin, so it’s advised to apply a moisturizer after use. 

Watch this video for a more detailed explanation on how to apply Collodion.

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