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The development of melee weapons as knight weapons

Melee weapons were developed in the Middle Ages as a response to the ever-improving armour worn by the cavalry and for close combat. Melee weapons were an elite weapon: used by knights on horseback against other cavalrymen. These weapons were equipped with sharp points and heavy steel heads to properly damage suits of armour. These weapons could create dents and holes between the parts of armour and even penetrate steel. For lovers of weapons & military history, melee weapons are beautiful collectables. Discover our selection of reenactment & decoration melee weapons today!

War hammer, battle axe

A war hammer or battle axe is shaped like an ordinary hammer but is specifically made for medieval battles. It has a longer shaft and longer axehead, suited for close combat. Their main intent is to damage the opponent's armour and inflict physical damage. Our replica war hammers are based on Renaissance paintings (like those by the Italian artist Uccello) and historical originals. War hammers were often beautifully decorated, due to their owners being wealthy knights. 

Goedendag, morning star, mace and flail

The goedendag, morning star, mace and flail all originated in the High Middle Ages. The flail is a medieval weapon consisting of a shaft and a chain with a metal spiked ball attached to it. The morning star also has a metal ball with spikes, but it is fastened to the shaft. The goedendag looked like a spear, consisting of a long shaft with a spike for penetrating armour. These three weapons were suitable for inflicting damage to armour, but were also popular during sieges and very dangerous in close combat. The morning star especially was quite easy to make: it only required a wooden shaft with nails hammered into it. This was also a suitable weapon for civilians and priests to defend themselves with.