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Knight gauntlets, medieval gauntlets, chainmail gauntlets, gauntlet gloves for reenactment & LARP. Marshal Historical, Ulfberth, Deepeeka, Epic Armoury, Mytholon & more

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Medieval gauntlets & knight gauntlets for sale, LARP & medieval reenactment gauntlets

Discover our medieval gauntlets, mittens and knight gauntlets by top brands. Our gauntlets are based on historical originals. We mostly have gothic gauntlets and late medieval gauntlets. Many of our medieval gauntlets have leather on the inside and straps, making them extra comfortable. Medieval gauntlets are perhaps the best-known type of armour in history. They were often worn by the aristocracy and were sometimes beautifully decorated with engravings. Gauntlets are perfect hand protection for reenactment battles.


Sword fighting gauntlets for Historical European Martial arts

The hands are vulnerable body parts during Historical European Martial Arts. Protect your hands during sword training! For HEMA you can choose plastic gloves, but you can also buy medieval gauntlets for extra strong protection.