Bags, money pouches, horns, bottles and other accessories for medieval festivals and fantasy fairs, Comic Cons and LARP events. Large assortment, free shipping available

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Fantasy bags and sword bags for Comic Cons and fantasy fairs

We have the best stuff for a weekend at a medieval festival or fantasy fair. What do you always need during your favourite festival? A shoulder bag, a medieval bag or pouch to keep your money and phone in festival style. We have beautiful bags by Burgschneider, Epic Armoury and unique handmade leather pouches and bags.


Viking signal horn, leather bottle holder, rune stones

When you go to a medieval festival in your costume, you can hang all kinds of medieval and Viking accessories on your belt. We have handmade Viking signal horns for your festival Viking costume. You can put a modern drinking bottle in one of our medieval leather bottle holders. Do you want to chill now and then? Don't forget to bring your rune stones. Cast your rune stones for your friends and interpret the meanings.


Medieval drinking cup, beer mug for mead

At a medieval festival you also need a nice drink of beer, cider or mead! We have the best medieval cups and beer mugs for your favourite drink. Enjoy the best meads in medieval style.