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Your shop for medieval clothing! Discover our large collection of medieval trousers and pants. For medieval costumes, festivals and renaissance fairs, LARP and reenactment.

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The medieval pants and trousers shop

Discover our large collection of medieval and Renaissance trousers. We have mi parti trousers in two different colours for the late Middle Ages. We have both long and short pants. Our trousers are authentic and do not have a zipper but cords and buttons. With these pants you can make an even more beautiful medieval costume. The pants are made by well-known medieval clothing brands: Freyhand, Mytholon, Leonardo Carbone, Ulfberth, Epic Armoury and Burgschneider.


Medieval trousers and chausses for LARP and reenactment

Our authentic Renaissance and Medieval trousers are great for LARP and reenactment. The trousers are based on trousers depicted in medieval manuscripts and paintings. We have Landsknecht pants, mi parti pants, Thorsberg pants and chausses. Perfect for putting together a stunning medieval costume. Combine your pants with leg wraps for extra warm legs.