Putting on and taking off chainmail

Putting on and taking off a chainmail shirt is a bit tricky when you’re not used to wearing them. They are quite heavy, big and have a lot of friction.

Putting on a chainmail shirt

To put on a chainmail shirt, you first start with putting your arms through the sleeves. When both your arms are through the sleeves, the chainmail shirt will bundle up in your elbows. 

You can then either lean over, put your head through the neckline and stand up straight again. Gravity will then pull the chainmail down, although you might need to help gravity a bit by wiggling around.

Or, you can keep standing up straight and basically toss the chainmail over your head, using your arms to give the chainmail shirt momentum. Again, gravity will pull the shirt down your body, but you might need to wiggle and jump a bit to help. 

Taking off a chainmail shirt

To take off your chainmail shirt, you should start by lifting the bottom up a bit, just enough to make sure it won’t catch on your hips or butt. 

The next step is to lean forward and pull the bottom of the shirt up a bit more while you’re in the movement of leaning forward. Once you’re in the position where you’re bending over, start shaking your arms and shoulders to the chainmail will start sliding further up your back, over your shoulders and finally your head. 


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