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LARP wands for magical LARP, roleplay and Cosplay, leather wand sheaths. Wizard and witch wands by Epic Armoury. For Halloween costumes and more.

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It really does exist: a store where you can buy wands, cauldrons and robes. Our wands are cheaper than Harry Potter official wands and are made in fantastical designs. Our wands are suitable for LARP, cosplay or just for fantasy enthusiasts. Whether you are interested in Harry Potter, classic wizards or witches, you will find it here!


Making a LARP wand

Most of our wands consist of a stick and a grip. Both are made of plastic and can be taken apart. The sticks can therefore be mixed with other grips. Some of our wands are made of one part, but the material is flexible so you can bend the wand in your desired form. We also have leather sheaths for hanging your wand to your belt. With the wand display, you can display your wand collection on a flat surface.