Weathering leather armour

Brand new leather armour can look a bit too pretty for some looks. However, it’s relatively easy to weather leather armour to make it look used and old.

With sandpaper you can create weathered patches and edges, roughening up the leather and removing part of the leather stain. You can also add scratches to the leather with a sharp object like a screwdriver. Finally you can use paints or leather stains to add darker discolourations to the leather. 

It’s also possible to further modify your leather armour. It’s quite easy to add things like horns to leather armour to create a unique look.

Because leather is a soft material, it’s easy to pierce. Depending on the thickness of the leather, you can use a piercer, hole puncher or drill to make holes. You can then insert a screw through these holes and use these to attach extra elements to the armour, like foam horns.

Watch this video for a more detailed instruction on how to modify your leather armour. 

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