Unique Celtic torc replicas of authentic torcs. For gifts and daily wear! Spiral torcs, dragon torcs, Viking torcs, Snettisham torc, wolf torc, iron torcs

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Celtic torc, Snettisham torc

The torc is a Celtic neck ring of iron, gold, silver or bronze. Men, women and children of high descent wore thetorc as a status symbol. It also functioned as a currency: rich Celts kept gold torcs as an investment. The torc was associated with gods and noble mythical Celtic figures. Cernunnos wears a torc on the Gundestrup kettle. An example of an original Celtic torc is the Snettisham torc. Our replica shows what a luxury object this torc was. Discover our collection of torcs. These are beautiful pieces of jewellery for Celtic and Viking reenactment, but you can also wear them daily or on special occasions. Most torcs are bendable and can be adjusted to size.


Viking torc

In the nordic Viking cultures the torc was a luxury jewel and object of value as well. There are Viking torcs with a simple design, but there are also Viking torcs with animal heads such as ravens, cats, dragons and similar animals. In our shop you can buy several torcs based on original torcs from the Viking era. A perfect gift for modern Vikings and Pagans.