Putting on a gorget or bevor

A gorget and a bevor are two different pieces of plate armour that are both worn around the neck. A gorget protects the neck and throat, while a bevor protects the neck, throat and lower half of the face. Both the gorget and the bevor are small pieces of plate armour that get worn over a chest plate. Most breast plates or cuirass don’t reach all the way up to the neck, as that would limit movement too much. However, this would leave the throat and neck exposed and vulnerable. By wearing a gorget or bevor over the chest plate, you can cover up the throat and neck area without limiting your movement, as the neck and chest pieces can move separately from one another. 

Putting on a gorget

A gorget has a relatively simple mechanism, but it can be tricky to put on by yourself, especially without a mirror at hand. 

Depending on the model, the gorget can either have a hinge on one shoulder and a strap on the other, or a strap on both shoulders.

For a gorget with a hinge, you can place the gorget around your neck and close the side that’s open. Make sure the front and back overlap a bit. You can now close the strap and buckle on that side and the gorget is secure.

If you have a gorget with straps on both shoulders, the easiest way to put it on is by closing one strap before you put it on. You can then place the gorget around your neck and close it on the other shoulder in the same manner as a gorget with a hinge. 

Most gorgets will have another set of straps on the shoulders. These are used to attach pauldrons/schouder armour to the gorget. 

Putting on a bevor

Unlike the gorget, the bevor doesn’t go all around the neck. A bevor will usually consist of a front piece that covers the throat and lower face with a longer strap attached to it. To put the bevor on, you simply place it against your throat and face and close the strap on the back of your neck. 


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