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Maintenance of swords

Both blunt and sharp swords require regular maintenance. Remove rust from your sword with fine black sandpaper. Remove burrs with a whetstone. Blemishes can be brushed off with polish or fluoride toothpaste. It is also wise to oil your sword regularly. You can use anti-rust sprays by Ballistol or Hanwei sword oil.


Ballistol spray, Ballistol 200 ml

Ballistol was developed during the First World War. The goal was to make a maintenance spray that was suitable for all parts of a rifle. Ballistol is suitable for steel, wood and leather surfaces! All parts of historical weapons such as sword blades and sword scabbards can be maintained with Ballistol spray. The oil penetrates wood and leather and provides a nourishing layer. Ballistol spray is an item that is always needed at home! And not just for your weapons. You can use it for locks, wooden furniture, leather chairs and many other objects. Ballistol 200 ml is the perfect size of Ballistol spray in our opinion.