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Buy professional fake blood & makeup for LARP, Cosplay & Halloween here! Epic Effect makeup

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Professional make-up for LARP, Cosplay and Halloween

Our Epic Effect make-up is used by professional photographers and film studios around the world. The make-up is safe and stays in place for a long time. It is perfect for LARP events: the make-up lasts outdoors and during LARP battles. Our make-up can also be worn in the hair and can be used on our latex masks, ears, noses and other body parts.


Collodion for special effects

You can use collodion for creating lifelike and realistic wounds and scars. By combining collodion, fake blood and make-up, your wounds cannot be distinguished from real ones. This is ideal for photo shoots and film productions, but also for theatre, LARP, Halloween and reenactment.


Professional fake blood for LARP and Halloween

Our blood is safe and long-lasting. Use our easy to apply fake blood on clothing, body parts or weapons. It looks lifelike and you can apply it on the lips and around the mouth as it is food safe. Our fake blood is ideal for LARP, Halloween, reenactment, Cosplay, theatre, film productions and photo shoots.