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Make a LARP sword, shield or LARP weapons DIY. High quality EVA foam, fibreglass cores, latex, repair glue and LARP shields for painting. The shop for all your LARP gear

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Make a LARP sword or other LARP weapon: fibreglass core, EVA foam, LARP latex

We have everything to make your very own LARP weapons. To make a LARP weapon it is important that you have a good quality fibreglass core, because breaking the core is dangerous. Our fibreglass cores are made by the LARP brand Epic Armoury and are suitable for LARP battles and intensive use. Put EVA foam around the core and make it in the shape of your desired LARP weapon. To make it easier, we also have fibreglass cores with foam that you just need to carve in the right shape. We have latex to coat your LARP weapon for extra protection.

DIY LARP shield

We have blank LARP shields by Epic Armoury. You can paint your own design on these shields and coat them with latex. This is perfect for LARPers who need a shield in the heraldry of their group. Or if you need a shield for Cosplay and want to make your own design.