Sheathing LARP swords

Due to the construction and materials, LARP swords and dagger are a fair bit thicker than a steel blade. This is something you should keep in mind when purchasing a sword holder. 

Some LARP swords can be so thick, wide or different in shape that they are difficult to sheath, even in a holder made for LARP weapons. Forcefully pushing and pulling such a sword through a holder can damage the sword and render it unfit to use at a LARP. 

If you want to sheath a sword with a wide blade, you should get a sword holder of which the width can be adjusted with buckles or laces. Make sure the holder is wide enough for the widest part of the blade to pass through without catching. 

This can result in the holder being too wide at the handle side of the blade. To prevent the blade from moving around too much or slipping through the holder, you can attach a holster hook to the sword. A holster hook can also be necessary when you have a sword without a crossguard or handguard. 

Watch this video to see how to adjust your sword holder and to attach a holster hook.

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