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Cuirasses by Deepeeka, Epic Armoury & Marshal Historical

We are an official dealer of top brands such as Deepeeka, Epic Armoury, Marshal Historical and Mytholon. Armour parts such as chest plates or cuirasses are perfect for reenactment and LARP. They are made in one size and fit almost everyone. You can fasten tassets under some chest plates. Tassets protect the thighs in battle.


Measuring your sizes for an armour breastplate

When you measure your sizes for a cuirass, it is important you wear the armour that you will normally be wearing under the cuirass. Like a gambeson, chainmail, acketon. If you are not sure how to measure your sizes, please contact our customer service.


Custom made cuirass

For Bohurt, jousting or full contact reenactment we also sell custom made cuirasses and chest plates. After you order one, we send you a size chart to fill in. The cuirass will then be hand forged and made to your measurements. These cuirasses are suitable for full contact and heavy combat.


Buy Viking scale armour and lamellar armour

Discover our Viking scale armour. Scale armour or lamellar armour was already worn by the Greeks and Romans. Germanic tribes such as the Saxons and later the Vikings wore lamellar armour and continued to use this Viking armour up until the 10th century. Scale armour is very practical because it gives freedom of movement. It can be used as LARP armour or for reenactment. You can create a magnificent Viking costume with lamellar armour and scale armour.