Putting on arm and shoulder armour

When it comes to arm armour, there are a few different types of armour available. To protect the shoulders, there are pauldrons. For the rest of the arm, you can choose between full arm protection, only lower arm protection (vambraces) or only elbow cops. 


Full arm protection, vambraces and elbow cops all have the same way of putting them on. Pauldrons work a little bit differently though.

Putting on arm protection

Full arm protection consists of vambraces, elbow caps and upper arm armour. If you feel like full arm armour is too much, you can also decide to only wear vambraces or elbow caps. All these parts of arm protection can be put on by attaching them to your arms using straps and buckles. 

If you’re wearing full arm protection, the elbow caps will need to be put on last, as these need to overlap with the upper arm and lower arm pieces. 

Putting on pauldrons

Paudrons partially work the same as the other arm protection, as they also have straps that go around the arm. However, they also need to be attached to a gorget or bevor. They can also be attached to some chest plates/cuirass, but not to all. 


A gorget/bevor usually has a strap and buckle on each shoulder. These straps need to be closed in a loop with the opening facing to the side. You can loop the strap at the top of each pauldron though the loop on the gorget/bevor and close that strap with the buckle as well. 


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