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Medieval skirts and petticoats for ladies and girls

Discover our collection of medieval skirts. We have skirts for adults and for children. You can wear the skirt under your blouse, or combine it with a petticoat for more warmth and volume. Especially in the late Middle Ages and Renaissance, women started wearing the combination of a blouse, skirt and corset or bodice as opposed to the shapeless dresses found in the early and high middle ages. Our skirts usually have laces to close them. They do not have a modern zipper so they are suitable for medieval reenactment.


Medieval apron

In the Middle Ages and Renaissance, clothing was expensive and women had to be careful with their clothing. The clothes were also washed on a fixed day of the week. The skirt could get dirty if a lady had to bend down on the floor to feed the chickens, for example. During cooking, the clothes could be splashed. Women wore an apron of cheap quality fabric to protect the skirt and blouse from dirt. This way, the clothes remained clean until washing day and the fabric did not wear and tear as quickly.