A longbow, sometimes called warbow, is a type of bow made for a long draw. It should be at least the length of the archer when straight. 

The throwing arms have barely any curve, so the bow will have a D-shape when strung. The arms are at their widest at the arrow plate and become increasingly more narrow towards the ends. 

Important for any bow is the draw. The draw determines how much force it takes from you to pull the bow all the way out. This drawing weight is measured in lbs, English pounds (1 lbs = 0.454kg). The more lbs the bow is, the more you need to be able to pull, but also the more speed the arrow will have when fired. 

The draw weight of a longbow can vary. Medieval longbows had a draw weight of 80 - 110 lbs, but modern longbows generally have a draw weight of 60 lbs or less. 

Longbows are very light weight compared to recurve bows. They are also quick and easy to prepare for shooting. Due to the length of the bow, there’ll be less pressure on the arrows, making it easier to fly loose. They often don’t have an arrow rest or sight mark. 

The longbow is made of wood, although the type of wood differs between each bow. 


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