Chainmail rings

Chainmail rings for sale! Perfect for making jewellery, armour ,hauberks, coifs, voiders, aventails and repairing your hauberk. For reenactment & LARP. Riveted rings, butted rings, wedge rings

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Riveted chainmail rings, butted rings, wedge rings, zinc coated rings for making hauberks, voiders and coifs

In our shop we have butted, zinc plated wedge rings and riveted chainmail rings for making hauberks, voiders, coifs and other chainmail parts. We sell flat and round rings that are riveted with round or wedge-shaped rivets.


The history of chainmail rings

The Celts or Gauls invented the chainmail hauberks. The Romans soon came to use hauberks as well and wore them all over the Roman Empire. Until the 15th century, hauberks, coifs and chainmail parts were mainly made from flat or round rings with round rivets. In the 15th century, hauberks and voiders were sometimes also made with wedge-shaped rivets. Especially in the regions of Germany and the Netherlands. When the infantry and cavalry started to wear more plate armour, they used chainmail parts like the voiders and coifs to cover the spaces between the plates.


Butted chainmail rings for medieval festivals, LARP and theatre

With butted chainmail rings you can make chainmail parts faster. A butted chainmail coif takes one evening to make. Butted hauberks seem lifelike, but are a cheaper alternative to the more expensive riveted ones. These are perfect for LARP and theatre where body protection is not necessary. They are lightweight so you can wear them for hours on end, making them perfect for Medieval festivals and LARP events.