Braies Philippe, natural

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Braies Philippe, natural

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The braies were the underpants of the Middle Ages. It was worn by men under the pants or under the chausses. Over the centuries, the underpants were made shorter and shorter, but originally they reached to the knees or even to the ground. Braies can be seen in various medieval manuscripts and on statues, for example, on the sculptures of the cathedral in Reims.

This braies has a drawstring around the waist so you can adjust it to your size. It is very comfortable and is made of cotton.

Color: natural;
Size: S / M / L and XL / XXL (size chart see below);
Material: 100% cotton;
Length: approx. 75 cm;
Washing instructions: machine wash 30 degrees;
Based on historical original;
Shipping weight: 1 kg

Hip circumference (in cm) 98-114 122-124


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