Epic Armoury LARP Guan Dao

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Epic Armoury LARP Guan Dao

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The guandao is a Chinese pole weapon that is used in Chinese martial arts. It is comparable to the European glaive. The weapon was probably in use from the eleventh century, when it first appeared in the Wujing Zongyao military handbook. The weapon is used today for modern Wushu. The guandao is not used to attack, but to disarm the opponent and deflect his strikes. Most guandaos therefore have a large textile cloth, so that you can confuse and distract the opponent during the fight.

This guandao is made for LARP battles and perfect for Asian LARP characters. The weapon is painted lifelike so that the head looks just like metal. The shaft is wrapped in red leather so that it lies comfortably in the hand. At the point where the shaft and the head meet, a golden detail can be seen. For extra authenticity, you can attach a textile cloth to the guandao yourself to distract the enemy.

Material: EVA foam, fiberglass core, latex, leather;
Length: 170 cm;
Grip length: 81 cm;
Blade length: 68 cm;
Blade width: 11 cm;
Circumference grip: 13.5 cm;
Weight: 719 g;
Shipping weight: 3000 grams


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