Viking woodcarving

Large selection of wooden figurines and Viking wood carvings for sale! Odin, Mjolnir, dragons, Rune stones, Book of Kells, Yggdrasil, Fenrir, wolves and other Nordic carvings. Free shipping available now!

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Viking wood carvings for on the wall

A wood carving is a reasonably priced and beautiful piece of art that you can use to create a Viking or pagan atmosphere in your home. You can hang wood carvings on the wall, or place them against various surfaces. You can keep them in their original wood colour or paint them in bright colours, as the Viking used to do. At reenactment or LARP you can decorate your tent with a wood carving. Discover our Viking, Nordic and pagan wood carvings, including wolves, dragons, Thor's hammer and Odin motifs.


Celtic wood carvings

Decorate your home with Celtic wood carvings on the wall. These include works of art from the Celtic legends such as the Wild Hunt and carvings with Celtic knots. Furthermore there are pagan motifs such as pentagrams and triskelions. You can paint them in the beautiful medieval colours of the Book of Kells, or keep them in their original wood colour.


Viking and Celtic wood carvings in the garden

Wood carvings do not only look beautiful indoors, but also in your Viking garden or in your tent at LARP and reenactment. You can paint wood carvings with acrylic paint or wood paint. Staining wood carvings is also an option, to protect them from wear and tear. Wood carvings also make for nice garden decorations.