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Viking props for sale! The most popular swords, axes, cloaks, horns, corsets, bracelets, torques and other accessories for your Viking, Cosplay & LARP photo shoots.

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Viking props for Cosplay, LARP or pagan photo shoots

Explore our wide range of reasonably priced and unique props today! Use them as accessories for a photoshoot, or for your everyday outfits and home decor. Give your looks that unique dark edge or fantasy twist.  Props can also be used in your own original movies.


Sword bags for Viking photo shoots

Do you ever take pictures in your LARP, Cosplay or reenactment costume in the forest or at another beautiful place in nature? If your character has one or more swords or other long weapons, it is useful to carry them in a bag. You can fill a sword bag with many steel and latex weapons. This way you can go deep into nature, and still carry all your props with you.