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The shop for authentic Viking earrings! We have earrings with Borre art style knotwork, ravens, snakes, dragon, glass earrings, Viking ships, Icelandic Thor’s hammers, Rusvik earrings

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Rusvik, Germanic and Viking earrings handmade in Europe

Discover the most beautiful Rusvik, Germanic and Viking earrings based on original early medieval jewellery and utensils. The earrings are cast by hand in Europe. They are made of silver, bronze, brass and silver-plated bronze. Our earrings are wonderful gifts for reenactors, modern Vikings, pagans and to wear in everyday life. Unique earrings with impressive designs from the Viking age.


Viking earrings with snake, raven, dragon, knotwork and Thor's hammer

Our earrings are decorated with Viking symbols and Viking art knotwork. These symbols and knotwork have been used on historical jewellery or on utensils. We have several earrings with snakes (referring to the Midgard snake from Viking mythology) and ravens. The ravens refer to Huginn and Muginn, Odin's ravens. We also have earrings with Icelandic Thor's hammers and knots from Viking art.