Viking rings

The shop for Viking rings and Nordic rings! Our rings are based on authentic Viking rings from the Viking era. Decorated with wolves, runes, knotwork, spirals, dragons and hounds

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Handmade Viking rings for men and women

Discover our beautiful handmade Nordic Viking rings! These rings are beautiful gifts for yourself and for someone else. Many rings are available in different sizes and can be adjusted in size.


Viking rings in silver, silvered zamac, pewter and bronze

We have Viking rings in several materials such as bronze, sterling silver and pewter. We also have a number of bronze rings with a silver-plated layer. So you can buy a ring that resembles silver for a low price. In the product descriptions for the rings you can find what material has been used. These rings can also be used as a wedding ring or engagement ring.


Viking ring with Viking symbols: runes, knotwork, wolves, dragons

Our Viking rings are beautifully decorated with authentic motifs from Viking art. The runes are the writing of the Vikings and Germans depicted on stones and utensils. We have several rune rings for sale. We also have rings with important symbolic animals for the Vikings such as wolves and dragons. In our shop you can also find rings with Viking art. The knotwork comes from the historical Viking Jellinge, Borre, Ringerike, Mammen and Urnes styles.