Warranty conditions
Celtic WebMerchant offers a two or more year warranty on a large part of her assortment. On this page you can read our conditions for warranty.

What is covered by the warranty
Under warranty are damages to the item caused by mistakes in the production process. Examples of such damages are: hairlines, fatigue of the metal, mistakes in a mold, mistakes in the construction and other mistakes that are directly caused by mistakes during production. Items that are damaged during transport to your address are also under warranty. If you see a damage that you think is eligible for warranty, please make a picture and send it together with a description of the situation to our customer service.

The warranty on battle-ready swords depends on the level of intensity they can take. What the sword can handle is strongly dependent on the hardness of the carbon steel. Damage to the sword can be fractures in the blade and mistakes or damage in the assembly of the sword. Damage to leather work, scabbards, cross-guards and pommels are not under warranty.
Please note, some of our battle-ready swords are not covered by warranty. If this is the case, this is clearly mentioned in the product text.

A lot of our armor is battle-ready, which means that it can be used in battle. The intensity of the armor strongly depends on the steel thickness and tempering of the armor. Please note: each piece of armor has a certain gradation of resistance to impacts. Many weapons are designed to damage body armor. Armor can also damage during use. This is not covered by the warranty. Wear and tear to leather and rivets of armor are not covered by the warranty.

What is not covered by the warranty
Not covered by the warranty is normal wear and tear. Every item has its period of use and within this period the item wears out by being used. Weathering, rust and dehydration of leather are also not covered by warranty. Fractures and damages that were not caused during production are also not covered by the warranty, unless they are directly caused by mistakes made during production. When the item is used in a wrong way or the item has not been cared for in the correct manner, we can not provide any warranty.